Wellness Equipment

  • Acupoint Treasure D01

    Acupoint Treasure is a pocket-sized acupuncture appliance influenced by ancient Chinese Acupuncture. Electric pulse and magnetic therapy can bring relief to people with abnormal blood pressure, inflammation, pains and circulation problems. The machine scans the acupoints and applies an appropriate electrical pulse to clear channels and stimulate microcirculation of the body. This device is also known as ‘Green Therapy’ and, after 10 years of research and clinical application has proved 98.4% effective, and has been highly recognised and recommended by acupuncturists all over the world.

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  • Blood Circulative Massager CS2000

    Functions & Benefits:

    Help to improve the symptoms of poor circulation. Some of the most common symptoms of poor circulation are:

    • Calf muscles cramping (including whilst asleep)

    • Cold feet and/or hands

    • Aching, swollen and tired feet

    • Cramping in the feet, legs and buttocks that occurs whilst active and improves with rest

    • Varicose veins

    • Hands and feet ‘fall asleep’

    • Skin becomes discoloured i.e. red, blue or pale

    • Infections may be slow to heal or may not heal at all

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  • DiCHO Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner TQ-Z08

    Natural Sterilizer 

    Healthy Life Protector

    With the development of society and technology, people have seen a big boost on their degree of material well-being. However, we are still suffering from the negative impacts arising from it, which threaten our health.

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  • Elegant Black Men’s Tiens T-Energy Bracelet QX41

    The TIENS Ti-Energy bracelets with embodied titanium and combined with magnets are unique in balancing magnetic field as well as balancing positive and negative ions in the human body. They can very effectively relieve physical discomforts, promote blood circulation and effectively resist environmental radiation.

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