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  • Envol DR146

    when blending the flowers and woods that were about to become ENVOL fragrance the perfumer had in mind an airy, watery scent. He opened the doors to an imaginary world in which the perfume is a hymn to the wind and to freedom. For him, ENVOL fragrance gives the perfect level of energy required by a man to <<take off>> Envol reveals energy and freshness with its perfect balance of subtle bergamot and cardamom top notes.


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  • Raré 1 DR145

    The perfumer turned to jewelery to create this precious scent : he wanted it to have different facets as a precious stone and to evoke a certain sophistication. And that is what he did as Rare No 1, a perfume for the women you remember rather than for those you simply notice. A perfect balance between sensuality-thanks to the vanilla and white flowers-, femininity, through fruity hints- and warmth ¨Cwith amber and benzoin extracts.


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  • Dolly Kiss DR144

    'Dolly' refers to the innocence and charm of dolls and <<kiss>> to tenderness and sweetness. This perfume evokes charming and seductive women and talks about love¡¯s ability to overwhelm you when you least expect it. Inspiration of the creator : To create DOLLY KISS, Jerome Epinette entered the universe of its young sister Albane. He wanted to fulfill a fragrance that expresses this duality of innocence and soft seduction. The keynote, a fresh rose, mingles with other white and green flowers for a pure, fresh tone meanwhile the raspberry hints evoke the dolls sweet smell. Albane's favourite colour is pink which is also the colour of the delicate bottle. Jerome used this colour as an inspiration's source.

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  • Trench DR143

    Definitely floral, feminine and sensual, Trench is an explosion of citrus notes blended with delicate red berries. The heart reveals the purest rose refreshed by a cool mix of green tea and water lily. Warmed by hints of amber, sequoia and cedar wood, Trench has ¡°un je ne sais quoi¡± of French elegance.


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