President Li Jinyuan Invited by BMW to Watch the Opening Ceremony of 2012 London Olympics

12/10/2012 13:19:40

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At 20:12, July 27, 2012, local time of London, the opening ceremony of the 30th Summer Olympics with the slogan of “Inspire a generation” was held in the “London Bowl” of London Olympic Park Stadium, and the 17-day Olympic Games attracting the attention of the world started. Mr. Li Jinyuan, president of TIENS Group, and M.S. Bai Ping, vice president of TIENS Group and president of Global Direct Selling Business Division, watched the opening ceremony as honored guests invited by BMW Company.



President Li Jinyuan at the site of the Opening Ceremony of London Olympics


Since the first Olympic Charter proposed and formulated by Coubertin was passed on Paris International Conference on June 16, 1894, the modern Olympics have developed for over a century. Through such a global sports event, the Olympic spirit of “higher, faster and stronger” and the theme of peace and development have been gradually spread to each corner of the world, and Olympics have become a comprehensive, continuous and worldwide grand event of the human beings integrating sports, education and culture. The opening ceremony of Olympics, as a window for the host country to spread its cultural spirit and show its history and civilization, attracts the attention of the whole world. For example, the worldwide praised opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics was a cultural feast contributed by the Chinese people to the world, becoming a grand event forever recorded in the Chinese history. On the opening ceremony of London Olympics, such cultural symbols of which the English people are proud as countryside landscape, industrial revolution, the Beatles, Trainspotting, 007 and Mr. Bean appeared on stage one after another. With the theme of “Island of Wonder”, the famous director Danny Boyle offered a feast of vision to the whole world on the opening ceremony of London Olympics, showing the gentlemen demeanor of the English people while emphasizing the far-reaching influence of the industrial revolution of England on the world history.



2012Grand View of the Opening Ceremony of 2012 London Olympics


With the opportunity of London Olympics, Germany BMW Company invited several outstanding enterprisers of China to watch the opening ceremony. To express its appreciation for the long-term support and concern of TIENS Group for its business development, it invited Mr. Li Jinyuan, president of TIENS Group, and M.S. Bai Ping, vice president of TIENS Group and president of Global Direct Selling Business Division to watch the opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics as honored guests. TIENS Group has been long cooperated closely with BMW. Since the First International Annual Meeting of TIENS Group was held in Moscow, Russia in 2000, TIENS has rewarded its excellent distributors with BMW cars as an upmost honor. It is noteworthy that TIENS purchased 58 BMW cars of 7 series one-off in May 2008 to award its outstanding global business partners, causing a sensation in both the circles of direct selling and automobile. From then on, BMW believes more firmly that TIENS will be one of the most important future clients of BMW in China, both parties starting closer and more pleasant cooperation. By inviting President Li Jinyuan to participate in the opening ceremony of London Olympics, BMW showed its sincerity in reaching the intent of strategic cooperation with TIENS Group.



2008Photo for the Ceremony of BMW Delivery to TIENS Group in 2008


“The Olympic spirit of “higher, faster and stronger” highly agrees with the brand idea of TIENS Group of “co-existence, co-development and co-win”. With the broad mind of the “World as a Family”, the global TIENS family members advocate harmonious co-development between man and society as well as man and nature on the way to pursue human health. On the way to “healthy harmoniousness, social harmoniousness and environmental harmoniousness”, the TIENS citizens will stride forward persistently. The global TIENS citizens will boost the morale of the global athletes participating in 2012 London Olympics and cheer for the excellent athletes from China!



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