Tiens Group’s Chairman Li Jinyuan Attended the Tiens Bangladesh Branch 2011 Commendation Meeting

10/10/2012 13:33:51

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On February 25, 2012, Tiens Bangladesh Branch 2011 Annual Commendation Meeting was grandly opened. Mr. Li Jinyuan, Chairman of Tiens Group, together with the executive management of Tiens Group, attended the meeting.

Meeting Starting Ceremony Passionate and Enthusiastic Audiences at the Meeting Site

Chairman Li Jinyuan made a speech at the meeting, reviewing the development history of TIENS. As one of the most important overseas market of TIENS, Bangladesh Branch has, through 7 years’ great efforts, made impressive achievements to which all Tiens people has contributed by working hard and trusting each other. Chairman Li Jinyuan, on behalf of Tiens Group, expressed his congratulations to everybody on their achievements. Then, Chairman Li Jinyuan presented the award winners with their prizes and encouraged them to keep moving and make greater achievements.

Chairman Li Jinyuan Made a Speech

During this visit to Bangladesh, Chairman Li Jinyuan also met with Mr. Abdul Hamid, Speaker of the National Parliament of Bangladesh. During their interview, the two parties had a friendly communication about the current situation of Tiens Group, the group’s development strategies, and its plan to develop business in Bangladesh. Mr. Hamid expressed his warm welcome to Chairman Li Jinyuan and his delegation. He said that Bangladesh and China had established a long standing friendship and Bengal people always welcome Mr. Li Jinyuan to make investment and seek business development in the country.

Chairman Li Jinyuan Met with Mr. Hamid, Speaker of the National Parliament of Bangladesh Chairman Li Jinyuan Introduced Tiens Products to Mr. Hamid
Mr. Hamid Wrote an Inscription for TIENS Group Photo




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