The 4th Global Ultimate Master of OPP Competition - Join Now!

25/11/2015 16:04:02

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You are all invited to take part in the very special competition for speakers and TIENS business ambassadors:
The 4th Global Ultimate Master of OPP Competition!
Qualification Period:  26th November 2015 - 25th March 2016
Joining this competition means that you commit to increase your knowledge about TIENS opportunity and products, improve your presentation skills, develop your business and contribute to TIENS development in Europe Region.
You will have a chance to represent the Europe Region and compete with the rest of the Distributors from all over the World.
The best Distributors will receive special awards from TIENS
Country Winner Rewards
1st Prize: $300 Cash + TIENS products worth $300
2nd Prize: $200 Cash + TIENS products worth $200
3rd Prize: $100 Cash + TIENS products worth $100
Regional Winner Rewards
2 x $500 Cash + TIENS products worth $500 
Global Winner Rewards
3 x 1st Prize $10,000
5 x 2nd Prize $6,000
7 x 3rd Prize $3,000
Please click the link below to see full rules and qualification condituions :
Download full OPP Competition leaflet 
The ability to conduct an OPP well is a key skill all Distributors should endeavor to master. Being competent in delivering the Opportunity Presentation will promote successful business development and lead to duplicate network success.
If you need a copy of the new Opportunity meeting presentation & you wish to take part in the competition or require more details please contact Lisa - Tiens Training Manager on 0208 200 7788.
Good luck to all of you! You cannot miss this opportunity to LEARN, EARN AND WIN!! 


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